Keeping Everyone Safe

Couple wearing face masks

The priority during waves of community illness is to reduce the risks of infection for patients and staff. Viruses such as Influenza and Covid 19 can be dangerous for some people. Hope Island Medical Centre aims to keep everyone as safe as possible so that patients may continue to access appropriate care and so the doctors and staff can continue to provide services. To do this you will be asked screening questions about any symptoms that may indicate viral infection and whether you have had Covid 19 in the last 14 days. This will determine how your care is managed. It will often start with a telephone consultation and face to face appointments are arranged by your treating GP.


You may be asked at times, to please wear a mask while in the medical centre.

COVID 19 - vaccination and masks
Vaccination status

Covid 19 vaccination is encouraged.

Covid positive patients

Covid positive patients can be looked after by their regular GP or GP practice via telehealth. It is important that all positive patients have regular contact with their GP via telehealth. This is so they can be monitored and anti-viral medicines can be prescribed if appropriate. If there is a need for review because the patient is deteriorating the doctor will direct how this will occur. Where there is another pressing medical need that cannot wait for the end of the isolation period, the doctor may arrange face to face care at their individual discretion and direction.