Make An Appointment

The practice operates on a 15-minute appointment system and the diary is computerised. The doctors try to avoid delays. Please understand that there may be occasions when emergencies need to be seen or a longer consultation holds them up. The staff will advise when a delay is likely. If you feel you may require a longer appointment time please let the staff know when making your appointment. Patients are encouraged to ring the surgery half an hour before their appointment to check if there is a delay.

At all times you will be offered an appointment with your regular doctor.

There may be occasions when this is not possible due to emergencies, holidays, etc. and the other doctors will try to accommodate you as best they can. The medical records are fully computerised and all of your doctors have access to these records. In the event you are not able to see your regular doctor your history is available for another doctor, in the practice, to treat you.

If you are unable to keep your appointment please telephone.

A charge maybe incurred for a missed appointment.

Appointment Triage

Do you hate waiting for the Doctor?
Everyone is frustrated when the Doctor runs late and our Practice is currently aiming to improve this area in our service. There are several ways you can help us.

“I was here before that person. Why is she being seen before me?”

It’s important to understand that there can be up to nine doctors on at any one time, plus one or two allied health professionals.
The patient called before you may be seeing someone else.

Let's Look how we triage our patients:

  • Emergencies are seen first
  • Then patients who have booked appointments are seen
  • Then patients who are “fitted in” or have presented without an appointment are attended.
  • We recommend that you telephone ½ an hour before your appointment time to see how your doctor is going.

Hot Doc Reminders


Your Medical Home - Where Good Health Matters

Hope Island and Homeworld Helensvale Medical Centres have experienced GPs with diverse styles and personalities who strive to provide comprehensive and ongoing care. It’s really important for patients to have solid working partnerships with their GPs and for people to have trust in that relationship. Sometimes you might have to meet a couple of different doctors before you find the one that you connect with. Then when you find that doctor, it’s good to stick with that medical practice so that it becomes your medical home; the place where your care is comprehensively co-ordinated and you become well known to the people looking after you. Then patterns can be identified and problems are less likely to be missed.

The practices are busy because your doctors are in demand. Getting an appointment when someone isn’t well is important. By having a team of like-minded doctors, many appointment options can be offered. We are mixed billing, though some do bulk bill; pensioners, health care card holders and children aged under 16 years, ensuring that vulnerable patients have access to quality care. All other patients pay fees and their rebates are facilitated through Medicare. This allows the practices to offer innovative technologies for patient engagement and communication and additional free programs like the My Health for Life program, funded through the Qld Government. Hope Island and Homeworld Helensvale Medical Centres offer quality, affordable and comprehensive General Practice services and are welcoming new patients.

Your regular general practice is where the most complete and comprehensive record is held. Your general practice team works with you to assist in the overall co-ordination of your care and so we invite you to start thinking of Hope Island Medical Centre as your medical home.