Visiting Professionals

Visiting Professional Services

Hope Island Medical Centre offers visiting allied health services from; psychologists, dietitians, a physiotherapist, audiologists for hearing tests and a diabetes educator.

Neighbouring allied health services include exercise physiology, dentistry, physiotherapy, podiatry, optometry

Complimentary therapies such as Hypnotherapy are also offered.

Medical Students

The practice regularly hosts medical students, nursing students and registrars. We will advise you when these students are studying in the surgery.


The staff at the Chempro pharmacy can assist you with all your prescriptions and health care needs.


QML Pathology is adjacent to Hope Island Medical Centre and operates 7.30 am - 4.00 pm Monday to Friday and 8.00 am to 12 noon on Saturday.

SNP Pathology operates in Paradise Point and is open from 7.30 am - 4.00 pm Monday - Friday.

Hope Island Medical Centre staff


X-Rays and radiology services can be performed at Gold Coast Radiology near the Boardwalk Tavern, Hope Island Shopping Centre or at Southcoast Radiology (see their website for locations) or at Qld X Ray (see their website for locations).

Audiology - Hearing Tests

Causes of hearing Loss

  • was born prematurely
  • stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit
  • had high bilirubin requiring a transfusion
  • was given medications that can lead to hearing loss
  • has a family history of childhood hearing loss
  • had complications at birth
  • had frequent ear infections; had infections such as meningitis or cytomegalovirus
  • exposed to very loud sounds or noises even of brief duration

For More information on hearing tests please call
1300 557 134

To arrange an appointment please call
1300 557 134

Our goal at Entire Hearing Care is to provide you with the clearest, most natural hearing possible based on your individual needs and budget. Vaughan Grigor has over 20 years of experience, bringing with him the latest in digital hearing technology. Whether it's the world's smallest deep canal hearing aid or the most sophisticated communication system, we have a customised solution that's just right for you.

Contracted to the Office of Hearing Services and able to service Veterans Affairs patients, pensioners and private clients, Entire Hearing Care are able to offer the full range of hearing services.

The Entire Hearing Care Clinical Audiometrists visit Hope Island Medical Centre every Thursday for all your adult hearing test and hearing aid requirements. Please contact Entire Hearing for hearing tests for children.

Entire Hearing Care


Way of Life Nutrition provide visiting services to Hope Island Medical Centre. Accredited Practicing dietitian, Clare Barrett, works with patients with various conditions including overweight/obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and gastrointestinal issues. Clare is also able to offer dietitian services specifically tailored for children.

Deititians can assist patient with the following conditions:

Anaemia Diarrhoea IBD(Chron's/colitis)
Cancer Diverticular Disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Coeliac Disease Reflux Liver Disease
Constipation HIV Osteoporosis
Diabetes Hypertension PCOS

Way of Life Nutrition can assist in translating complex nutrition concepts, fad diets and programs into simple every day language. With a keen interest in overweight and obesity, she works closely with your own GP to ensure a well rounded approach to your health.

Way of Life Nutrition is registered with most health funds in addition to Medicare and DVA. This means that you will be able to receive a rebate for consultations as a private patient or under Team Care Arrangements with an eligible management plan from your GP.

Our special interests include cardiovascular disease/hypercholesterolaemia and Type 2 Diabetes. We have a particular interest in gastrointestinal disorders including food intolerances and IBS. Our team enjoys working in a range of settings including one-on-one consultations, group educations and aged care.

For further information visit


Clare Barrett

Our aim is to provide the education, motivation and support to assist clients in making the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to achieve their goals.


Exercise Physiology

Joel Wearn

Joel Wearn (BBus, BExSc, ESSAM, AES, AEP)

Joel is a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist who has over 10 years experience prescribing exercise for disease/injury management. Joel has worked in a range of Clinical settings including; diabetes management clinic (working closely with an Endocrinologist), working in commercial gyms, running group hydrotherapy classes, mining sector work (pre-employment functional capacity evaluations), DVA and work cover rehabilitation services.
Joel accepts all valid referrals and bulk bills services referred under a GP Management Plan with Team Care Arrangements (GPMP/TCA).


  • Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Graduate Diploma of Exercise Physiology
  • Practising Member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia
  • Qualified Better Breathing Practitioner
  • NDIS Registered Practitioner

Special Interests

  • Respiratory patient interventions
  • Work Cover - Early rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, faster return to work
  • Balance/falls
  • Corrective exercise for joint conditions & injury

To Make an appointment please phone 0413769674


Gold Coast Pelvic Health Clinics

Elle Pidgeon
(PostGradCert (Pelvic Floor Rehab), DPhty, BSc.)

Our Medical Centres are pleased to offer the services of Elle Pidgeon, Physiotherapist specialising in Pelvic Rehabilitation

Helping you to improve your health and maximise your potential

To arrange an appointment please call

Appointments are available at Homeworld Helensvale Medical Centre

Gold Coast Pelvic Health Clinics

Elle Pidgeon

(PostGradCert (Pelvic Floor Rehab), DPhty, BSc.)

Experts in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

0422 434 200

Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis as a form of treatment, usually for relieving pain or conditions related to one's state of mind. Practitioners believe that when a client enters, or believes he has entered, a state of trance, the patient is more receptive to suggestion and other therapy. The most common use of hypnotherapy is to remedy maladies like obesity, addiction, pain, ego, anxiety, stress, amnesia, phobias, and performance but many others can also be treated by hypnosis, including functional disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Hypnotherapist Lindsay Ostrofski
Clinical experience since 1984
Smoking cessation
Anxiety and phobias

Achieving real results ….

Ph: 0412051888 to arrange an appointment