Inclusive Healthcare

Everyone is welcome here.

  • Inclusivity and respect for all patients are crucial components of quality healthcare.
  • Every patient deserves to feel heard, valued, and understood, regardless of their background or identity.
  • Providing inclusive and respectful care means acknowledging and accommodating differences in culture, language, gender, sexuality, age, and ability, among other factors.
  • By prioritising inclusivity and respect, healthcare providers can create a welcoming and safe environment that promotes better health outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • In short, inclusivity and respect are not only moral imperatives but also integral to providing effective and compassionate healthcare to all.
The staff and doctors may ask you if you identify with any cultural, ethnic, religious or identity groups because this information can help optimise your care. By informing your doctor you are allowing them to provide the most appropriate treatment for you. Your social and emotional well-being is related to your health outcomes and tailored and inclusive healthcare is important to your doctor.

This practice participates in ‘Close the Gap’ initiatives. Please let the doctor or a staff member know if you identify with being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island origin. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Aboriginal Flag Torres Stait Flag

Please inform your GP of any particular beliefs you may have, whether they be religious or culturally based so we can provide appropriate treatment for you. Your ethnicity can also be related to a range of risk factors for certain medical conditions. Ethnicity is more than where you were born. Its about your heritage and how that can impact your health.

LGBTQIA+ Health and Inclusive healthcare is important to your doctor and the staff at this practice. There are multiple health disparities for LGBTQIA+ people and so patients are invited to share their identities with their healthcare team.

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