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What is My Medicare?

MyMedicare is a new voluntary patient registration model. It aims to strengthen the relationship between patients, their general practice, general practitioner (GP) and primary care teams.

Why is it important?

MyMedicare patients will have access to:
  • greater continuity of care with their registered practice, improving health outcomes
  • some services will only be able to be accessed by patients at their registered general practice
  • this includes - longer MBS-funded telephone calls (Levels C and D) with their usual general practice
  • Better hospital connections
  • Priority access to appointments
  • Bulk billing for chronic disease assessment and management service
  • Bulk Billing for eligible patients including pensioners and children

Patient Eligibility

To register in MyMedicare, patients must have either:
  • a Medicare card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Veteran Card
Most patients will need to have 2 face-to-face visits recorded with the same practice in the previous 24 months to be eligible to register with that practice.
Parents/guardians and children can be registered at the same practice if one of them is eligible and registered at the practice.
Patients can only be registered with one practice at a time.

How to register

Patients will be able to register with their regular general practice and select their preferred GP at the practice.
MyMedicare registration will not prevent patients from accessing care from other practices and health care providers. The longer MBS telehealth items and the new aged care and frequent hospital users services will be linked to the patient’s registered practice.
Patients can complete registration in one of the following ways:

  • Patients can commence the registration process in their Medicare online services (Medicare Online Account or the Express Plus Medicare mobile application) and the practice staff can then accept or decline the registration in MyMedicare.
  • Practice staff can start the patient registration process in MyMedicare. The patient will then complete and provide consent for the registration in their Medicare online services.
  • Patients can fill out a registration form at the practice (or provided by their visiting GP) and sign the form to provide consent. The practice will then enter the patient’s registration details into the MyMedicare system to complete the registration.
Patients who register with a DVA Veteran Card will need to fill out a registration form at the practice as registration via Medicare online services can only be completed using a Medicare card.
A parent/guardian will need to register a child under 14 years and provide consent on their behalf. Young people aged 14 to 17 years will be able to register and provide consent without a parent/guardian.
It is important to note that registration for a child under 14 years will need to be completed at the practice.

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